Photos from the past and today for Today in Seychelles

The Jetty of La Digue (1993)

Me at the Jetty of La Digue (1993)

My friend Matthiew Nibourette and Familiy (1995)

On Mahe at Anse aux Pins with my friends Georges Radegonde, Ken and Olaf (1997)

My friend Georges Radegonde with son Denzel (2017)

Group photo from my this year´s stay at La Passe Guesthouse with Mary-Anne and family (2021/22)

Mary-Anne and Therese cooking in the kitchen (2021/22)

Me at the Jetty of La Digue (2021/22)

Photos from my photographic work for Today in Seychelles

Different Photos from my Photographic Work on La Digue from the last years