Bavaria – Hiking & Mountaineering at Mount Blankenstein

The morning sun sparkles through the foliage and draws a filigree play of light on the canopy.

That´s how the day started, with yellow foliage on the trees in the morning sun and it ended with a yellow foliage on the tress in the evening sun 🙂

In between there was a hiking tour to the Mount Blankenstein, which is a climbing mountain in the Bavarian Prealps. It lies between Wallberg and Risserkogel and is 1768 m high. The journey took place from the toll road from Rottach-Egern at lake Tegernsee to the parking lot just before Moni-Alm. From there on foot right hand on a forest road following the Siebli-Alm in about 1.5 hours to Mount Blankenstein.

The summit view falls on a long hilly ridge that connects the Risserkogel with the Wallberg. A more than perfect place in the Bavarian Prealps.

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