What I do

Photography means capturing moments for me. These moments, captured by photography, are supposed to enrich our present time by the images acting on us and stimulating emotions within us.

And when they do, they stimulate our imagination and enrich our lives and actions.

What it means

I try to create distinctive images that speak my language. For me this makes every look through the viewfinder to an exciting journey of discovery – wherever I am, on this beautiful planet!

Where I live

I am based at the lovely Lake Tegernsee in the south of Bavaria between Munich and Innsbruck. This enchanted place with its mountains and this beautiful lake is a major source of inspiration for my creative work.


Happy Clients


Hours of Work


Photos Taken


Completed Projects

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is about capturing the moment of happiness.

Landscape Photography

For me, landscape photography is a challenge. Be vigilant at all times and always ready to be in the right place at the right time.