Hälleviksstrand – Summer holidays in the archipelago

Hälleviksstrand is not as crowded as some other places on the west coast of sweden. There is not even a grocery store here, just a kiosk and a restaurant in the harbor. Hälleviksstrand has only 250 permanent residents.

Although the small fishing village is quite remote, it is heartwarming and worth seeing. It feels like you entered a dollhouse. The small colorful wooden houses around the sheltered harbor and continue along the narrow fjord.

Hälleviksstrand you have to discover. Just walk through the little town and let yourself drift. After that, your walk is best rewarded with a visit to Mias sjöbod & café.

Enjoy a good coffee with home-made cakes or a glass of wine, or a cold beer and a tasty dinner with a stunning view over the fjord to the sea

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